He must be illiterate, impoverished, rowdy and a low level guy. Only such people can do these types of filthy and cheap things to women. They must be educated and trained on how to behave with women. Molestation is a sexual assault or abuse of a person, especially a woman or child. It is the action of pestering someone in an aggressive manner. I heard one of my colleagues saying to others over a newspaper report that illustrated a molestation case.

There are two different perspective of a man, first, is extremely well educated, financially sound and socially esteemed person who misbehave or abuse to womens.Mostly goons are represented as someone who wears flashy clothes, speak in slangs and seems to have no education or manners.

We usually think only poor people abuse or use dirty weapons but our higher class society also misbehaves with, and hurts the sentiments of child women. It is easy to point the finger on someone who lack power no one is to watch the person who have all its power and superior .Mostly these high class man used to molest and throw their frustrations on weaker section sex.

I want to share one instance in my locality ,where a 39 year old man allegedly misbehaved and tried to molest a 17 year old girl who is very beautiful, elegant ,delightful but belongs to poor and low standard society and not much educated. Actually, it’s not something scary about molestation in the present day secenario.In fact; it is in the perception of the majority of people in our country. People generally feel that behavior of an individual is essentially dependent on the social and financial strata that come from the people.

One instance bollywood actor Zaira Wasim alleged that a co passenger who was seated behind her in the business class, misbehaved with her in vistara flight which was enroute to Mumbai from delhi.she triggered the news by posting a video message on her twitter account as soon as she landed on Mumbai airport. She accused the passenger of molestation and said he didn’t only place his leg on her armchair but also rubbed his toe on her back and neck throughout the journey. The entire country responded to her allegations and thousands of people including many celebrities supported her. The police arrested the accused in no time.

But on the other hand, an eye witness who was travelling in the same flight in the same class, gives her opinion that the accused is being blamed for the wrong thing which he hasn’t done. She stated that the accused fell asleep as soon as he took his seat and his only fault was that he placed his leg on the actor’s armchair.

The truth behind the incident will be unearthed but the hypothesis is that a man with high class society wearing an expensive suit, highly educated, committed a low class deed. Crime is crime neither it was, nor it is and never it will be proportional to someone’s ethnic, social, political or financial background.

We have to change the perspective of our society that women are vulnerable when a specific category of people are around and should feel safe and surrounded by safe people.

I must conclude my point by every famous quote, true equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity or political ideology.

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