Book Review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – A fable about fulfilling your dreams and Reaching Your Destiny

Publisher: JAICO publishing house
Author: Robin Sharma
Published year: 1997
Genre: Motivational Fable
About the Author:
“Robin Sharma is CEO of Sharma leadership international. Author of 11 international
bestseller books such as the monk who sold his Ferrari, who will cry when you die, the secret
letters. Highly influential blogger plus motivational speaker.”

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”

Robin Sharma

The story revolves around conversation between Julian Mantel, an unsatisfied
lawyer in spite of having all things one can imagine and John. Its narrative book that
narrates how he disguised himself and made a journey to India took advantage of all ancient
techniques to master thoughts. And how his journey to India brought change and why he left
and came back to his own country with an aim imparting the knowledge learned by him.

Plot and setting of story:
This book talks about seven virtues that have potential to transform your life within the span
of 21 odd days if practiced daily with dedication. This book supports each and every point with
practical examples that make it more beautiful.Every word, sentences, examples make book so
lively that while reading this book one can connect oneself and imagine oneself as a listener –
John in such a way that whatsoever doubts arise in your mind while reading are answered in book
by Julian while conversing with John and that’s magical. Once you start reading the book,throughout
there will be a smile on your face with a ray of knowledge reflecting within your mind.
So, Yes! That serves the purpose of keeping the plot of the story narrative very well.

This book have the power that can hit you hard to change your age-old procrastinating behavior.
Language of books shakes you from questions such as – ‘How you can spread love
if you don’t know how to learn oneself.’
This is one of those books which talks about ‘The price of greatness is responsibility over
each of your thoughts.’ which simply makes yourself accountable for dusky days and
shinning nights. This book talks about Indian Monks – who master in the art of living. This
book is a story of a lawyer and his journey from being old to young. Yes! you read that right,
This story is more of realistic fable rather than fairy tales dreams and that’s the reason you
should grab one copy of the book if you are one of those reader like who feel the fragrance of
book first and then read book by highlighting the line you loved the most or else if you are
one who like reading on tab with a coffee and popcorn than you can go through this link: 0-%20Robin%20Sharma%20(PDF)%20%5BQwerty80%5D.pdf to read once and make your own review.

I would like to give 4 stars out of 5 because of minimal efforts on language but that is not
exactly the case as the idea of living life is so complex that the author wanted to use the
simplest form of language to express complexity of life with a message that, “There is no
quick fix in life.”

By Sonu Chaturvedi