Dowry- A curse

Dowry originated to give stress to women and made up of sthreedhanam ( Stree means woman and dhan means wealth) consisting of money,property,or gifts given solely to women by her parents in marriage in the form of dowry. But the abuse of this custom started when it became a price tag for groom. The groom demands dowry consisting of a large sum of money,furniture and other luxury things.

The price of Indian groom has increased based on his qualifications,profession and income. It is the ritual that doctors,chartered Accountants and Engineers expect a handsome dowry. Dowry has reduced the status of women in our society. The grooms have also become a saleable commodity available at such a price,earning so many amounts. Even the rate of dowry has been fixed by doctors ,bank officers,govt officers and businessmen.

In case marriage takes place where dowry is less than a new chapter of mental and physical violence takes place against the bride in order to extract more dowry. The violence started from one day taunting by inlaws and then domestic violnce by husbands.The practice of dowry has been still rising in India badly.The most severe case is when bride is burning in regard to less dowry and these incidents are given shape of accidental burns in kitchen or disguised as suicide.In india every 20 woman die as result of harassment over dowry,either murdered by their husbands or compelled to commit suicide.dowry death rose from about 19 per day to 20 per day in 2020. And many reports of dowry death are unreported in police stations. Taking or giving dowry is practice from 1961. And still now it is a significant part of Indian marriage and falling women empowerment.

In some cases,to escape from punishmenet the husband and family not only kill woman directly but harass them mentally and physically too commit suicide.We are in 2020 and still this system is prevailing. The reason for that is our old customs and patriarchal society that values men over women. The stronghold of gender inequality makes them give dowry that is too wrong . The second reason is this practice is so rooted in the Indian culture that it is seen as normal and unchangeable.Even today people get to know that they are taking dowry they use to ignore them and take it as cultural tradition. If a woman’s marriage requires dowry in return for a safe,happy life then this world is unsafe and discriminatory for women. And where women are not treated with equity then that country can’t become developed. This is a ahrsh reality that women sacrifice their life because of this single small stupid thing. Nothing is above than life.

The need of the hour is the social awareness at least among females to stand up against wrong and right. More stringent laws,more awareness ,more education is required to girls for their independence and a social awakening can curb this ever increasing evil.