In the olden days, man was quite uncivilized. He covered his body with leaves of trees or used to live naked. But with advancement of time and technology they became civilized and cultured. The result was that dress became a part and parcel of life. A fashion may be defined as a manner in which a thing is done or made. In common talk, it means following up to date style. Fashion changes every day. Fashion became so ugly in every 6 months that we have altered after every period of time. Fashions are highly short lived and dynamic. They change as seasons change during the year. Now a day’s dress has been given great importance. Boot cuts are trendy and liked by girls very much. Shirts and pantaloons worn by girls make them look like boys. With the advent of space people of different countries are coming closer. It results in interchanging of dress and clothes with foreign countries. Fashion changes with time like sometimes girls like to wear tight clothes that look exactly like boys in their pantaloons and shirts. Sometimes people like to wear loose clothes. However, people have become fashionable. This smartness is also seen in villages also. In villages people used to dhoti and kurta but with change in fashion also appear in sick and spam dress. Fashion no doubt enhances the charm of women and great attraction to male students. Fashion however, has their own toll to take.

Fashionable dresses are not comfortable at all times. There are several cases when tight dresses are torn to pieces. Some dresses are not medically suited to the body. They cause allergy or skin troubles.

Fashions among students are not only limited to dresses but to so many things like new rubber paper band, tic tok heels, sling bags, sporty look shoes and many more. But the sad part of this fashion is that poor people can’t afford these expensive dresses, suits, accessories. Even sometimes middle class people also have to spend from their savings to purchase these highly standard things.

Fashion keeps on changing with changing habits of eating, social customs, ceremonies and the like. With these changes sometimes people came under debt and had to incur great losses. Fashion of everything changes like draped saree dupatta was earlier in trend now it has come back. In fact, fashion adds a charm and romance to life. Life would have been dull and dreary if things had always remained unchanged.

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