Hospital a boom or a doom??

When a person falls sick,his condition drags him into a pathetic condition where the mind stops working and they need some sort of treatment to get well. Their hearts start controlling the minds and that is the worst case scenario. The man becomes fragile not just to the external environment but his inner state of mind as well. He desperately wants to get well at any cost. And that leads to the unending medical process in hospitals . Sometimes,situations become so critical that patients along with his near and dear ones stretch themselves to all possible horizons. The word doctor is used to be a synonym of god . Doctors are treated as god in our country as it’s their duty to save our life. Medical negligence is too scary,news reports about deaths due to medical negligence ,called as unprofessional behaviour of doctors and hospital staff and high cost therapies that have suffused us from all around.

Whether it’s the case of road accident or just new born baby who was declared dead along with his dead twin sister by the doctors of Max Hospital in Shalimar Bagh in Delhi or the plight of seven year old girl Adya Singh who died during dengue treatment,allegedly due to unethical practices in the Fortis hospital in Gurugram,Haryana and their parents are handed a bill of 16 lakhs by the hospital authority for only 15 days hospitalizatiuon.

Like these incidents many incidents appeared back to back within a short interval of time storming the whole nation. No doubt ,the Delhi government took a strict action by cancelling the license of max hospital,Shalimar bagh.    CM Kejriwal himself came forward and stated that the Delhi government will not tolerate such unprofessional behaviour of private hospitals. He also stated that they are not against private hospitals in fact they are in favour of such an entity,and want them to grow further but not on the cost of public health.

On the other hand,Haryana health minister Anil Vij has written to Haryana Urban Development Authority to cancel the land lease of fortis hospital in Gurugram citing the charges against the hospital.

However,the Delhi medical association and Indian medical association have strongly criticized the move of the Delhi government and called the decision autocratic.

But when we see on other hand the entire hospital shouldn’t be closed down on the grounds of mistakes made by a single individual. But ,they are denying the fact that a mistake which declares a living baby dead or charging money even from a dead body of a seven years old girl can’t be treated merely as an individual fault. The whole system must take responsibility and indulge in self corrective measures.a nation where more than 50 percent medical care is served by private hospitals,such carelessness shouldn’t be ignored.private sector also have to understand that it’s not just the responsibility of govt to take care about social things.

Moreover,the government will have to work much harder towards building a public healthcare system where every citizen of this country feels secure while visiting any hospital and gets proper treatment on time.

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