Is career pressure tearing you apart and you have no idea about what you really want from life? Then read it

Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore)

More often the pressure of becoming successful, of attaining growth, success, money or fame encaptivate one’s mind mostly in their teen years when they are going through a lot of things from the physical changes in their bodies to the mindset changes the teen years of one’s life are the toughest and the most important years which transform a person’s life completely and the change he or she attains during this period remains with him/ her throughout their lifetime. It’s more important to analyse what’s wrong or right for one and to focus upon being better no matter what the circumstances are, 19 the last teen year which is followed by 18 the age when one becomes eligible for doing a lot of things as a person becomes adult at this age, it’s the time when one starts to think that he/she is getting older and wants to start their career, everyone has a lot of potential and a lot of skill set, thanks to this modern world where you have access to the smart devices and internet which can make you learn anything at your own pace and helps you enhance your skillset but the major problem comes into play that everyone these days has started following a rat race of working on social media, everyone wants those huge no.s in the form of followers, likes, subscribers, etc and everyone is putting so much of pressure on themselves to become the most successful and famous social media marketing influencer, but how to go with it if all the efforts, time and skill you’re putting into your social media handle is not getting served, it means it’s not getting viral, not engaging much audience and in the mean time it’s not making you feel happy about what you’re doing, then the answer to your problem is clear you’re meant to do something apart from this social media thing, because if it’s not making you happy then it won’t make you happy even in the future where perhaps you’ll get a lot of followers or fans because happiness doesn’t lies in serving others with content happiness only lies in enjoying the process of doing what you do, it might be possible that you’re not made to become an influencer probably you are destined to do something else and build massive success in that field, if you have also wasted a lot of years in pursuing a social media career and it’s not growing and not making you satisfied then it’s time to find and experiment what you love, the possibilities are that you may fail, but there are also the chances of success, and remember life is a series of experiments, a very famous quote by Thomas Edision “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” so by trying and failing ultimately you’ll figure out the method of trying and succeeding. And also remember if you’re a kid of 20 (or +2 or -2) that means from 17 to 22( or near this age group), then you’re probably in school or college, and it’s your time to take risks, experiment things in life because you have miles to go you cannot figure out everything at this age, you’re still a kid, you need to experience a lot of things do what you love and don’t associate it with success, money, fame just let it be your passion and don’t settle yourself, keep moving and experiencing.

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