Life with or without Social media

There was a time when word social media wasn’t introduced. Earlier, there was plenty of time when people gather and gossip with each other, telling stories, myths and realities. Most interesting narratives were granny’s fables. People used to write letters for their loved ones and take around a week to reach. Then after some evolution radio came up. Listening to national or international news became very important and after some time print media came, then reading newspapers became an important part of life. Then, with incredible innovation of the human mind television came. Developing cities and growing villages are starting to influence television. First black and white came then colored boxes capture the prime location of every household. Whole families started watching television together which shows channels like DD national and other private channels. Other print mediums like weekly newspapers, magazines started appearing on a large scale. Then time changed and the process of communication came with word social media. It becomes a source for everyone to be updated about everything happening around the globe. Now, communication can be done so far in the world and in India. Social networking becomes a popular source of communication and entertainment as well. Some social networking sites like facebook, instagram, whatsapp, twitter, Skype etc.If we talk about the benefits and disadvantages of these then there are many such perks.

It has narrowed the distance between individuals. A man sitting in New York can chat anytime instantly. While in the past, it took days to send a photograph through courier. Now, one doesn’t need to wait to be updated about the latest news. One can easily get through social media easily. From watching movies to listening to songs, knowledge, latest updates everything is available on these social media platforms.

But it is not that social media don’t have demerits. In fact they have plenty of them. We even forget the phone numbers of our dear ones because of these smart social networking sites. We can connect through messaging or video conferencing. Right from morning to night people found themselves indulge into their smartphones they can’t even sit together for while without having their phones.

Our lives have been trapped in the net of networks. Now even we do not have time for yourself to sit with a free mind and relax for a while. A village dweller living in a remote location doesn’t even know about his personal data, his identity, his dislikes and we are living in a developed region storing all this information in the form of data on social networking sites.

Not even this, using phones all time leads to headaches in our youth. This generation is so advanced that they don’t know about customs, traditions. They only know how to socialize their world and to be trendy in their circle.

At its best, social media offers opportunities to reach a wide range to people with good connectivity and its worst, social media offers everyone an unprecedented opportunity to share without reflection.

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