Sex education in school

Introducing sex education in schools is an important issue. National curriculum focus on cultivating proper understanding education of sex related issues with special focus on teenage pregnancies, drug addiction and adolescent sex education. A survey has been conducted by the ministry of women and child development that depicted more than 53% of children in India are sexually abused. Sex education issue has become debatable issue. Many people feel that such delicate issues should be left to the parents and parents feel embarrassed to talk openly with their children in this regard. Sex is still a taboo in Indian society. We can’t even speak this word openly in front of 4 people. But it’s a part of life. It is believed that teaching our children about sexuality can break down pre existing notions of modesty. But with increase cases of unwanted pregnancies, HIV AIDS and other sex related disease, it is important that sex education shou8ld be given in schools and colleges. With time of puberty changes, some physical and mental changes start appearing in children and they found it strange to cope up with the changes. So it is very important for them to provide sex e3ducation.suvey indicate that on an average every urban student watches television for 2 hrs daily. Some sex scenes shown on some foreign television channels, vulgar language shown in Indian cinema also create negative impact on them. The small screens stimulate the youngsters sexually. Thus in absence of knowledge about sex they commit mistakes which result into unwanted pregnancies, HIV positive cases and other sexually transmitted diseases. In India, the cases of unwanted pregnancies are reported much higher in comparison to other developed countries.

There has been a rise in incidents of physical abuse of children. Children fall victims and they keep silent and live with the trauma throughout their education also provide our younger’s to resist abusive behavior and provide them forum for expressing their fears and feelings openly. In this world children are the most vulnerable section of society so they need to be taught the difference between good and bad touch in order to protect themselves from child abuse. This sex education helps adolescents to come in healthy terms with their sexual identities and overcome feelings of guilt and shame. During adolescent age children begin to see the world in a mature way.

School life became an integral part of every child. Along with academic subjects children must be given sex education in schools only because school is the second home where children learn bad or good habits. While imparting sex education the boys and girls should be divided into two groups and taught separately. A lady teacher should teach girls and a male one should teach boys so that there must be no embarrassment and they should be able to learn. They will freely clear their doubts and proper care should be given to the contents of the topic which is to be discussed.

It is high time for sex education to be introduced in the educational curriculum. It will create a liberal thinking among youths.

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