Triple Talaq

No religion other than Muslim treated women with such humiliation and suppression. In fact,every religion treats them equally and parallel to men in every aspect. It is our human mind that allows such disgrace manipulated religion according to its own benefits and requirements. However,when negative things go extreme,something always comes to stop it.

In the verdict of Shah Bhano case,1985 scupreme court upheld that a muslim women has right to receive alimony from his husband after divorce. After that parliament enacted a law under pressure of muslims,which overruled the previous judgment and muslim women were deprived of their true rights.

But a very common phrase i.e. What goes around comes around happened and the history was going to repeat itself when a constitutional bench of supreme court started hearing a case on triple talaq in such there is instant divorce by male after pronouncing talaq for three consecutive time or you can say a method used by muslims in name of muslim personal law. After divorce wife cannot even ask for any financial support from the husband. This gave muslim men tremendous unequivocal power and right to dominate women.

The Supreme Court was to decide whether this form of divorce is constitutional or not. In muslim law women are treated as object . They don’t respect their sentiments. And all those women wanted to get rid of these laws which had been exploiting them from the past. Among all this orthodox muslim male dominated society supreme court of india non 22 august,2017 deemed triple talaq unconstitutional. This landmark ends the biased practice which has drastically destroyed many lives.

With this verdict,there was an urgent need to Implement the decision of the apex court by enacting a law against triple talaq. Because there are many caes of instant divorce when this practice was declared unconstitutional.On 15 December,2017 union cabinet approved to introduce the Muslim Women protection of rights on marriage bill 2017, to make triple talaq a punishable offence.

One thing was very cleared that once this bill has been passed then no muslim women will face such adversity . But for that situation also not only law should accept this but all the society should come forward and act against such social evil without any prejudice.only then this will produce results . Women of this society need protection even after law was enacted for them because no society can progress if they are not united and no country can become great where a woman isn’t treated respectfully.

Neither man nor women are perfect or complete with each other. Thus,no marriage or family is likely to reach its full potential until husbands and wifes,mothers and fathers,men and women work together by respecting each other’s strength.

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