Pen, paper and Digital

Preferably pen and paper!
Writing my heart out always remain special. It has a special impact.
We cannot miss out on digital writing as it has its own perks …
(For eg. It can be organised, shared really fast. Plus customisation can be made.) Because in digital you never get the statisfaction of crushing and throwing out in the air when writing went not as expected. I feel the same. Writing by hand has a special impact. It releases some happy hormones in my brain (or maybe I’m a little cuckoo), but we don’t always have a pen and paper by our side so yeah.

But when it comes to formulating the story I use my book. Scratching away each sentences make me feel like God, who is changing the fate of the characters in it . That depends upon the energy bar. If I am highly energized and enthusiastic, I prefer using pen and paper mode, so as to put everything in my writing piece. Mostly I prepare the drafts on my laptop. Then I go through them and make the edits. If I don’t find something fitting in, I write it on paper and analyze what changes could be done.

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