Resume writing

The word resume is originated from a french word meaning ‘summary’. Just like the meaning suggests, a resume is a document that summarizes one’s educational, work experience and background details. It is one of the main documents used by the employer in order to screen the job applicants. Every person who seeks for a job should have a resume. It is a tool used by the companies to screen the applicants. The real purpose of a resume is to make you shortlisted for the job you have applied for. So, it is important that a resume should be attractive and it should stand out from others. A resume should be written effectively always. Let’s look what all components can make an excellent resume.

  • Personal information. This has to be written first in the resume for reference. Always make sure the details provided are accurate and up to date. Personal information should contain your name, address, contact number( keep in mind that the number that you provide will be the one that the companies use for further communication), your professional email address. Based on the company you applied for, you can add any website link or portfolio link. Keep in mind that this is optional and is not mandatory all times. You need not add a photograph in your resume unless the organisation asks for it.
  • A powerful opening statement. This section of your resume will let the reader know why you are considered yourself as perfect candidate for the particular job. The open statement has to grab attention and it should stand out from all others. This section will probably the shortest one in the resume.
  • Work experience. This is the most important and relevant section in the resume. You are supposed to share all your work experience in this section. Your current job, previous jobs you have done, and internships etc. can be mentioned in this section. Make sure the organisation’s name the job profile and time period of your experience are mentioned correctly.
  • Educational details. This section should summarizes your educational details. Add the details in reverse chronological order. So that, the recent degree you have done will be appeared in the first row.
  • Skills and expertise. This section can make an impression about yourself to the readers. You can list out the relevant skills and talents you possess.
  • Achievements and awards. This part of the resume will help you to mention the achievements that you have acquired in your life which is relevant to the job that you are looking for.

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