Good lesson taught to China

   It has to be admitted that this time India has taught a good lesson to China. The leaders of China seem to be narcissistic and that is why because of their imperialistic attitude many countries are against them. And unfortunate incident in the Galwan River valley in June 2020, resulting in a brutal skirmish that killed dozens of Indian soldiers has glaringly revealed that China believes in backstabbing which also happened in 1962.

   I was in China and observed China is not a pluralistic society like India, only one community in China that is Han community with more than 90 percent population dominates their economy, politics, army etc. The nasty behaviour of Chinese leaders towards Muslims of Uyghurs, / Uighurs/ Uygurs/Uigurs is well known to all in the world. Anyway, India has taught a good lesson after the Galwan valley incident which I feel they could not imagine. In this context, few lines from South China Morning Post, 25 July may be quoted. “Since 2010, China has committed or planned more than US$26 billion worth of investment in India but some of that may now be in jeopardy. Public sector construction projects will be tougher for Chinese companies to bag, but private ones will still be largely driven by cost considerations”.  Also another line may be quoted from the newspaper, “Chinese companies in India are bracing for tough times ahead, with some of them scaling down operations or cutting jobs as relations between the two countries worsen”.

   Indians know “Nehru’s China policy is seen as a monumental failure”. “Perhaps the biggest mistake the country made was not to update its assessment of the Chinese in Tibet. In 1950 they clearly did not pose a military threat to India. But by 1960 they did. Yet in this decade, India reduced its military by half and constrained its defence expenditure. It only woke up in 1959 when Zhou Enlai told Nehru that the entire Sino-Indian boundary was yet to be delimited” (The Quint, 27 May 2020).

    I feel China because of their leaders cannot be friend of India presently. Only with the passing of time and change of their leadership future generation can see the reality. Because during Pt Nehru’s period, India was under Congress rule and present Prime Minister Narendra Modi is from BJP, but leaders of China did not change their stand as they are having expansionist attitude.

Dr. Shankar Chatterjee

Former Professor& Head (CPME)

NIRD &PR (Govt. of India),

Hyderabad-500 030

Telangana, India

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  1. Sir,
    Very truly analysed. Now India should emphasize on gradual(complete ban, wherever possible) reduction of our dependence on China. It is extremely important that India makes it mandatory for domestic manufacturers to distinctly display ‘made in India’ sign on their products. Feeling pride in national products as in the case of Korea, Japan, Germany, etc can do wonders for Indian economy. Regards.
    Prof. Gautam Purkayastha Margherita College. Assam