Don’t be a tool of a tool :

Influencer Marketing is a magic bullet, it’s going to solve all your problems, it works every time, but it increases your odds. And in marketing, that’s all you can ask for. And if you can break even or turn a profit two times more than you fail, guess what?That is a remarkable record. The value of Influencer Marketing , Lots of other data is out there in the marketing statistics. As a society were the passive tool for a business to kick start at its worse and become better we’re also going to help you develop a business case for Influencer Marketing in your organization because , Because ultimately, you’re going to need some funding. One of the things that unfortunately is happening in most businesses today is there are little experiments going on with Influencer Marketing, and they’re all underfunded. And so, one of the things that goes beyond strategy and tactics is to say how do you explain this to top management in such a way that they’re going to give you a budget to actually implement it. There are other ways to spend your money and they are much more likely to be effective, and we’re going to explore that. But we want you to know what, let’s just say the suckers, are falling for, what the rubes, the naive people, who think, “Oh, if I just give enough money to the right influencer, magic happens.” That’s a total story , no magic is gonna happen until unless you make yourself up for being a tool for a tool , as a rational human beings we’ve all got bigger stuff to do than just being someone who just keeps up with anything.

When the right influence hits the top most elite button that’s when actual productivity starts to show up in the phases of marketing influences and strategies. It’s not a big deal to cut yourself off from something that makes you feel like anything less than a tool , being helpful is way more different from being a tool for a tool. Actual and authentic magic happens when you put your actual self out there and step out of your comfort zone.

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