Judge yourself

Don’t give advice because people never listen. Did you listen to someone? If yes you are lying. If you listen to someone then you will never advice someone. If you don’t listen to someone then you will always prefer to advice the advice you got.

My suggestion is you never listen to other suggestions because it remains as a suggestion. But you have to listen to my suggestion of you don’t want to listen others suggestion. People cannot accept the fact of denying their capacity. Accept your worth if you wanna improve your skills.

Atleast be honest with yourself because it’s you with whom you have to spent rest of your life. Accept yourself and try to keep on improving. If you wanna improve them listen to yourself. You are the only judge who can make right choice. Listen to your advice and make yourself out of it. Never betray yourself and try to fix the things that you wanna fix. Make yourself by listening to yourself.

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