Phoney healthy influences :

The gist of the problem is simple. Most of the content that most of the marketers are creating on most of their social media platforms is, pardon me, corporate propaganda. It’s not something that you would share with a friend.The alternative is not to try to get people who have learned to write one way over their entire marketing career and they create brochureware. And put it on a social platform and expect magic to happen, it doesn’t. Boring content is still boring content. But boring doesn’t mean to make up hideous content and end up causing mental illness to the viewers out there , there’s toxic consequences of each ugly marketing strategy that’s taken up by all these people who are desperate enough to make it up to their organization. Here the joke is on us , it’s literally on the people who believe that everything’s that put on to a certain platform is true which actually is not. But there is a different group of people out there who are creating engaging content, amazing content. Content that people are commenting on. Content that people are sharing. Content that people are liking like mad. And who are these people? For lack of a better term, we’ll call them influencers. We as society are blinded up by all the appealing phony things that have been put out on the cyber platforms which isn’t something of authentic content and we are forgetting how pathetic the interaction is with people in the social platform. There were very few shares. There were very few likes. There were incredibly few comments. I don’t know how much you’re paying your staff to create this content. But if nobody’s interacting with it, if it isn’t engaging anyone, why are you doing it? What’s the big deal? Of course when some activity of that such is engaged through many means with the society it makes a big deal and people need to route for healthy influences.

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