Tentative business issues

Indecisiveness in any area of business organizations are a common thing , in a society like today times we need to actualize certain factors that effect the underrated things in business. Yes or no decisions are very common in business problems. In prescriptive analytics, yes or no decisions are modeled with binary variables.Each publisher breaks down the subscriber base into a number of groups based on demographics and location. The company has set a budget for the advertising campaign and wants to maximize the number of subscribers exposed to its ads. The company wants to determine which publishers to select and how many groups to purchase from each publisher but there comes the actual issue , business is a chain which isn’t guaranteed of transparency and assured loyalty. Clearly, the selection of a publisher requires a yes or no decision. That is, a publisher is either selected or not. Once a publisher is selected, a second decision must be made regarding the number of subscriber groups to purchase. The model for this problem must take into consideration that no subscriber groups can be purchased from a publisher that has not been selected. It also must consider that when two publishers are competitors, the company wants to select amongst one of them. Finally, the model should take into account that there is a fixed cost for engaging a publisher. These analyzing contributions to the business benefit the subordinates and defining chances of minimizing the indecisiveness which causes to the loss of business.

Subordinates or the superiors who are utmost torn between a yes or no often end up having serious doubts about the overall subjecting of several other aspects effecting the business’s There are many more in areas such as network design in supply chain management, portfolio selection in finance, and power generation in energy. Energy contributing into the organization must be cut into rational and fair parts of the business , it keep the game on.

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