Try every possible thing

Try everything you thought you couldn’t because trying such makes you try some other things. It’s not about excelling in only a specific sector. If you have a thought of teaching then go and give a try. Money will definitely come because we have lot of time. Trying isn’t that hard unlike trying to win. If you could get happiness in something then definitely go for it. At the end of the life no one remembers your job.

Try different jobs because same is always boring. Being comfortable makes you become lazy and tries to put in comfortable zone. Go for everything you like. If you love to act then give a try because you are not sure about next life. May be being constant makes you become even more constant. Take risk and try something you never thot of. Do both the things that you thought of and that you never thought off. Have a crazy life and try what not. Someday you gonna die even though you lead a comfortable life or a troublesome one. Taking trouble and being in trouble are forgettable.

Don’t have a memorable life because your memory will forget everything one day. Do many things that your mind couldn’t remember it. Try every possible thing until you forget to think of it.

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