Let it out

If you want so say something to someone then don’t wait for some other time. You never know what happens next. Don’t wait for the most moment. Make the moment perfect. You have to create the moment. Say it when you feel it because you never get the same feeling again.

Believe yourself because no one knows you better than you. Your conscience can say what you need and it does what it wants. You can’t stop it because inner you wants it even though some part of you don’t want it. You never know the importance of the moment during the moment. Speak of amd talk what ever you wanna talk. If you try to hide what you want to speak then that gut feeling will not allow you to speak freely and that hesitation hurts you even more. If you keep on hiding the feel you want to speak then it keeps on hurting you even worse. Let it out by speaking because it makes you free of everything.

Be brave enough to admit the fact or to deny the fact. You never know the presence of something when you have it. Speak and sort out the things you feel pain inside. It’s you who gonna hurt yourself by thinking of killing some one in your mind.

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