Tips to combat problems due to increase in screen time

Now that most of the people are working from home, their dependence on mobile and laptop has significantly increased. This is adversely affecting our physical and mental health. Some of the ill effects are dry eye, redness in the eyes, irritation in the eyes, blur visibility and headache. Sometimes even pain in ears due to long usage of headphones. This effects our ability to hear.

Some of the ways you can take care of yourself are

•take your eyes off your screen every 20 minutes. This helps relieve the nerves of your eyes.

•to avoid unnecessary stress make sure to blink your eyes consistently.

•whenever your eyes feel tired wash them with cold water.

•make sure the brightness of your phone or laptop is in oneness to the brightness in your room.

•you can do some exercises like you can look left right up down and repeat it.

•use table and chair whenever working so that your posture is proper and you maintain a sufficient distance from your screen.

•eat healthy food and make sure to you take sufficient rest. Include fruits such as mausambi, dry fruits and vegetables which have sufficient Vitamin-C, in your diet.

•you can also practice yog or do some exercises like Surya namaskar, taadaasan and anulom-vilom to calm yourself.

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