Coronavirus and Social Responsibilities

Coronavirus pandemic is not ending anytime soon. Cases are rising everywhere, with the USA being on top. With many people suffering and being cautious, many other people are ignorant, misinformed, and hostile. Community spread of the virus is increasing in the USA and India. Medical staff, scientists, and police are giving their best to control the spread of coronavirus. It is also the duty of all the citizens to help in controlling the spread of coronavirus. All the capable citizens should come forward in this devastating pandemic situation and lend a helping hand in contributing to treatment, vaccine preparation, manufacture, and distribution. Governments should plan and execute smart measures for the same, but only a handful of countries, including New Zealand, are seen coping effectively with the community spread of coronavirus. Let’s look at the latest coronavirus scenarios around the world, keeping in view the social responsibility, awareness, and control measures.

Schools to reopen in the USA

The USA has the highest number of coronavirus cases and the rate of spread is increasing day by day with 55,196 fresh cases on August 8. A high school in Indiana had to shift to online learning just two days after reopening. Students in Mississippi had to quarantine after classmates tested positive for coronavirus within the first week of reopening. Teachers and parents protesting, scientists forecasting and young kids being at high risk of infections, reopening schools in the USA is under discussion. What did the US president say on August 4?

Anti -mask protests in Japan and USA

  • Approximately 150 demonstrators gathered held an anti-mask rally in Salt Lake City on August 5, carrying posters that read “Don’t smother the children” and “Let kids be kids. No masks!”
  • A grilled-cheese shop owner in Windermere, Florida, announced that she wouldn’t require face masks inside her restaurant and promised “100 free meals for patrons who come with no masks.” Many anti-mask protesters gathered outside her shop in her support.
  • Today, in Shibuya, Japan, a cluster festival, which deliberately spreads coronavirus without wearing masks, held a cluster demo and roamed around the Yamanote Line. The organizer of the demo calls himself “cluster jack” and seems to have a bad throat.
coronavirus, anti-mask, Wisconsin, USA
Anti-mask rally in Wisconsin.
Source: Channel3000.

Look at the Cluster demo.

Bill Gates and Serum Institute of India

Bill gates tie-up with the Serum Institute of India in the speedy manufacture and distribution of the coronavirus vaccine. Serum Institute is one of the vaccine developers in the world. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will provide at-risk funding of USD 150 million to Gavi, the vaccine alliance, via its Strategic Investment Fund, which is to get used by the Serum Institute to manufacture the coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine is likely to be available to at least 92 countries.

New Zealand: 100 days without community spread

New Zealand gets praised internationally for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The government has lifted almost all of its lockdown restrictions, first imposed in March. The last case of community transmission in New Zealand got reported on May 1, days after the government started lifting its lockdown. August 9 is the fourth day in a row that no fresh coronavirus cases got reported and the total number of active cases in the country is 23, all in managed isolation. The country of 5 million people sought control measures like immediate lockdown, tough border restrictions, effective communication and high testing and link tracking program.

Russia to launch the first coronavirus vaccine next week

Russia is all set to register the first coronavirus vaccine on August 12. Currently, the vaccine is at the third stage of testing and will get tested on 1600 people after registration to ensure its effectiveness and safety. The vaccine trials began on June 17 among 76 volunteers. The fast-track testing of the vaccine by Russia is worrying the scientists, activists and lawmakers and is being questioned. We hope that the vaccine is being tested rightfully and does not have any side-effects.

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