Cinema: The best medium of cultural communication

India, a country known for its culture all over the world. Every state, every religion has it’s own culture here. From ancient period, people are following different cultures. Countries like America has their own culture (Western Culture).

What is Culture?

Though culture have many literal meanings, let’s confine it to the art of cultivating humanity. Culture is a process of self purification, an action of clearing faults and proceed in the right path.

Cinema is the best medium to promote culture because cinema is all about the visuals and visuals are what captured by our minds very fast. And that’s the benifit of cinema. For instance, if you read or listen something once, there’s high chance you may forget about it. But if you are exposed to something visually, it’s vice versa in this case.

Films can carry not merely information; they can even create a yearning for change
and modernisation. By dexterously employing the mechanical tricks of photography
and camera angles, by exploiting the ingenious use of close-ups, by building up of suspense and illusion, and by weaving human elements and stwy in appropriate
sequences, films can create social awareness and even arouse strong emotions. Films can inform, inspire and express feelings and emotions most dramatically with lasting

The Indian film industry remains a paradox in many ways. India is going to enter
the 21st century with the largest number of illiterates in the world. Therefore, there
is an urgent need to have proper communication among these illiterate people. The films in many way meet thls need. Because the only meaningful access to audio-visual entertainment for the poor people is the film. Films are extremely popular among the masses. And the Indian film industry continues to be the world’s largest producer of films, releasing on an average 750 films every year in 16 languages.

The Indian films followed the Hollywood model right from the start with heavy
emphasis on entertainment. But individual film-makers, away from the mainstream,
have always made socially purposeful films, even in the thirties.

What Will People Say, The Black Prince etc. are few names of the movies of cultural genre. The Namesake,. Monsoon Weddings are the names of such Indian movies.

Although, Bollywood cinema is the replica of Indian culture purely produced for the sake of entertainment. Indian movies seem promoting intercultural communication as it shows reflection of cultural exchange from language to realm of food, music to architecture, geographical beauty to film canvas.

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