Advertisements: Their motto and functioning

Advertisement mainly is for communicating the message to the target audience, so now when we come to the segregation, there are the commercial advertisements and the non commercial one.

Non-commercial advertisements are non-profit and are only shown for giving some information or spreading awareness. Whereas, commercial advertisements are generally directed towards increasing the sale of a product or services or to increase the usage.

For instance, if you’re offering a distinctive product, service or value proposition to the customer, commercial advertising is a way to get the word out quickly and more broadly than through referrals from existing customers or waiting for people to find you by chance.

Reaching out to your audience via television and radio can let the public know about what you offer and how people can get your product or service. 

It gives you the opportunity to tell potential customers about your attributes, which can have a positive result over time. Exposing them to the message once or twice isn’t likely to make a difference. Moreover, once customers have a positive impression of your brand, future commercial advertisements underscore that positive impression.

The purpose of advertising is to gain the interest and trust of consumers. Advertisers seek to increase interest in buying a product, visiting a place, or using a specific service.

One important aspect of commercial advertising is that it creates a demand or a perceived need for something. As soon as the consumer has a reason to want, advertising is there to offer a solution to that need.

All the advertisements between the TV serials or in between the websites and blogs are a form of commercial advertisements as the one showing the advertisement is promoting it’s product and getting the revenue.

A research shows that a moderate level of repetition of advertisements has the greatest effect. That’s the reason why we are exposed to a single advertisement several times by a particular company. Our minds, even starts to memorize these advertisement along with their taglines and that’s how these advertisements plays with human brains.

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