Sustainable Development goals by corporates: latest in 2020

5 Latest Sustainable Development Goals in the Corporate World. 

Sustainable Development Goals by private firms has increased noticeably since the last decade. Many big corporates like Google, Apple, Dell, Tech Mahindra, Hero MotoCorp, etc. are working with the view of sustainable development since the beginning. Let’s look at some recent sustainable development goals and initiatives by private firms.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft is setting multiple sustainable development goals and adopting different approaches to tackle environmental degradation. The company recently launched its initiative ‘Zero waste by 2030’ focusing on carbon, water, ecosystems, and waste. 

  • Building Microsoft Circular Centers to reuse and repurpose servers and hardware in their data centers.
  • Eliminate single-use plastics in packaging.
  • Improve their waste accounting technology.
  • Invest in circular economy ventures.
  • Help employees to reduce their own waste footprints.
Sustainable development goals Microsoft headquarters, Redmond.
Microsoft headquarters, Redmond. Source: Microsoft

2. Vestas

It is the first renewable energy manufacturer verified by ‘Science-based target initiatives’ for its sustainable development goals. Vestas has earlier made many contributions to environment protection.

  • Vestas announced its green initiative to become carbon neutral, without using offsets, by 2030.
  • IPCC in a recent report, states that limiting the rise in the global temperature to 1.5°C, as stated in the Paris Agreement, will significantly reduce the risk of extreme affects from climate change.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% within its own supply chain.

3. Dropbox

The file-hosting company laid out some initiatives under the sustainable development goals to achieve by 2030.

  • Carbon neutrality and minimize energy consumption.
  • 100% renewable electricity for offices and data centers.
  • Remote jobs to reduce travel emissions.
  • Support other organizations in their climate actions.
  • Help employees to volunteer for environmental causes.

4. Crown

Packaging firm ‘crown’ laid out their initiative ‘Twentyby30’ containing 20 sustainable development goals aiming to get accomplished by 2025, 2030, and 2050. The initiatives include:

  • Send zero waste to landfill
  • Make aluminum and steel cans 10 percent lighter to reduce the usage of packaging material.
  • Increase the recycling of its plastic strapping by 10 percent.

5. Salesforce

The latest initiative of this AI-based CRM firm is to achieve 100% renewable power by 2022. This renewable energy deal is in collaboration with  Bloomberg, Cox Enterprises, Gap Inc., and Workday, Inc. and with guidance from LevelTen. The sustainable development goal is to provide renewable energy at a small scale, available to everyone. Currently, renewable energy contracts are made at a high scale involving large investments which are not feasible for small-scale organizations and individuals.