Jobs in India are attracting Foreign Resumes.

In the tough time due to Covid-19 pandemic the jobs all around the world are worst affected.Many top companies have removed their employees for the cost cutting approach.So,in this case many are jobless and for many employees in different companies are working with a hefty pay-cut due to this.As everywhere everything is started to lease slowly and steadily we can see again the job openings by different companies have started and that’s a good sign for everybody else out there who want jobs.

When Teamlease Services just posted about their job openings in the field of Marketing,the company was surprised and shocked to see that resumes are coming from foreign countries such as US.As due to this situation there is wide spread of opportunities open for each and every candidate around the world to apply.Now in this case companies have also got the potential to hire the best candidate and having ample of opportunities to hire according to their criteria.

It will not be a kind of one way system but there is same kind of opportunities open for Indian candidates to apply for foreign roles said hiring firms.Hiring firms are keen to hire candidates on the roles for R&D,processing and design,in addition technology.Randstadd India head Sanjay Shetty says “Some Global CEOs we are looking at India for its quality talent.This could be another wave of jobs being outsourced to India in a big way. A number of high-end jobs — which were hitherto kept close to the mothership of an MNC, especially in FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), FMCD (consumer durables), banking and liquor industries — are expected to relocate to India. Some of these companies had earlier shied away from doing so, for various reasons”.

Key reasons for this transition is because as Indian companies has gone into Work From Home as they business continuity.In this new trend all the companies are gone into strengthening cyber security systems.As in this period company wants mind workers rather than hand workers.Some companies also said that the person who is an individual coder can work from anywhere just he needs only laptop.In this the company mentioned that people who have been living far from their hometown have reached to their hometown.So they will have good quality time spend with family,a well cooked home food and environment with their loved ones.

So in this case the companies are getting foreign resumes because working from any corner of the world is possible just by having a good connectivity and a laptop.

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