A Vision of becoming Self-Reliant and Science Driven India.

In recent years India has focused on lot in developing the areas which were least considered at times.As we all know this is only possible because of the government ruled by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modiji.In this period India has become a great market for every investor from through out the world.Whether its US,Russia,France and many others have contributed a lot in India’s growth and development.

At present we all know every country is hit by these severe pandemic crisis of Covid-19.If we talk about India,it has came a long way throughout this tough times as giving jobs,completing the projects that were pending from years,production of PPE kits,masks,sanitizers and infinite number of disinfectants by every brand.It also manufacturd and produced a large qauntity of medicine due to which India could help every other country which require any drugs for the cure of pandemic.

India came forward as the market to develop medicines for Covid-19 as quickly as any other country.The companies like Cipla,Glenmark ,Sun Pharma,and Patanjali came forward with their medicines and immunity boosters.It is all because of the science behind it and such a strong technology.India created a example of being recognised as a helping hand in such situation of most countries.Even WHO heavily relied on India for the vaccine,drugs and different models.WHO praised the Dharavi model of curing the pandemic.

India is now at a time of great growth and development.India is testing at a good rate and they are increasing the testing rates all over the country.In coming years everyone will look at India’s development and consider the same model of India for their own country’s development.Now,the time has come to make our medical colleges and institutions to make them strong,flexible and provide all facilities so that we can get great doctors,staff for health sector so that it can create a strong and great impact in the country.

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