E-Sports: The future of online games in India

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is a name from which everyone is familiar with. No matter, adults or kids, this name is on the lips of everyone. Although for adults it’s because of the anger they have with this game. And for kids, that’s obviously because of their interest in the game. This game has promoted the E-Sports in India too. This wasn’t very famous in India before it. Though people used to play some online games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty but no one ever thought to make his/her career in this field.

This game was launched on PC in India but it wasn’t that famous. Later, a mobile version of this game released in 2017 and that changed the whole scenario. This was because of the release of the free mobile version of the game, so that everyone can play it.

Nowadays, there are many gamers who are playing E-Sports and are making their career through it. Mortal (Naman Mathur), Dynamo Gaming (Aditya Sawant), ScoutOP (Tanmay Singh) are few names who are the famous E-Sports players of India.

Even, e-sports have been recognized and included in the Olympic Games and Asian Games recently as a demonstration sport, which has already boosted the morale of so many young players to pursue their passion and make a career out of it. Maybe, by the year 2022 it will become a medal game with legit medals, prizes and rewards.

Other than these inclusions, e-sports has its own leagues where thousands of spectators are present. Moreover, these sports are broadcasted online as well as on TV. The total number of e-sports spectators as of now are more than 400 Million worldwide. The players that are involved in these sports are earning millions per year which is way more than the salary of any engineer or doctor. Just like the outdoor sports like cricket and football, e-sports also provides you name, fame and money which everyone desires of.

So this is sure that the future of E-Sports is really bright. But what about Indian E-Sports?
It’s still not getting enough exposure.

To make e-sports a viable career option, India still needs to build an eco-system like other countries where players can get sponsored by big companies which would pay for their hardware, travel, accommodation and other expenses when they need to travel abroad for various leagues and competitions. 

Secondly, it is important that the government recognizes this potential and treats it as legitimate sports and starts funding this community. India is such a big country with a large number of population where so many youngsters are interested in gaming. Only if they could channelize their energy and make something useful out of their energy.

Lastly, parents should get introduced with the technology of e-sports because for them it’s just way to spend the leisure time. If one is willing to make his/her career in e-sports, they should discuss it with their parents and make them trust you.

And the students, shouldn’t get involved much in to this. A school student should only spend 1-2 hrs playing any game on mobile and computers. It’s more important at that time to focus on studies.

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