Independence Day Celebration: A Case from a Gated Community of Hyderabad

 Independence for all human being is sine qua non. No one would like to stay under the rule of the foreigners because foreigners occupy other country to exploit the natural, mineral, and other resources. British (including the East India Company)   ruled us about two hundred years and they came thousands miles away to exploit our rich resources, not to develop us. During British Raj many innocent Indians suffered in many ways. Although there are numerous cases but two cases wish to mention here. One is about the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, also known as the Amritsar massacre, which took place on 13 April 1919, when Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer ordered personnel of the British Indian Army to fire bullets among the crowds who assembled there for Vaishakhi celebration. Unfortunately, 379 people were killed and more than 1,200 persons were injured and many of them were grievously and all were unarmed. Another example of British people’s hate towards Indians is Professor E.F. Otten’s remark against Indians.  For his remark, as a student of that time Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose thrashed the British Professor Otten and for this Subhas Chandra had to suffer also. However, with the intervention of Indian scholars and other stalwarts the matter was resolved.

   India’s independence was not an easy task as many sacrificed their lives.  Anyway this year, 74th Independence Day was celebrated amid COVID19 pandemic, with observing social distancing guidelines. Keeping in mind of the guidelines, across the country from grass root level to top level celebration took place with full hype and hoopla.  A case as micro study from Hyderabad; capital city of Telangana is presented here. At Bandlaguda Jagir, a gated community consisting of villas is located which is spread over to an area of 17 acres of land having all facilities like indoor and  outdoor games, gym, park, swimming pool, function hall, cafeteria, saloon for ladies and gents etc. The villas have been constructed on a plot of land of different sizes and sizes are below 150 square yards- 7 numbers, exactly 150 square yards- 67 numbers, in between 150 and 200 square yards 84 numbers, 200 to 300 square yards 27 numbers and above 300 square yards 7 numbers. So altogether, 192 villas are available in the gated community and around 90 percent have been occupied. Also it is heartening to mention that residents are from across the country representing mini India and also belong to different castes and religions, a unique case of national integration. Every year Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated with full gaiety. Also during Dewali, Ganesh Utssab, Eid, Christmas etc. sweets, fruits etc. are exchanged with neighbours. 

    In this year 74th Independence Day celebration, in spite of inclement weather because of incessant rain from 12 August onwards as well as COVID 19 threat, programme was incredible as residents attended   by shielding their heads under the umbrella. The security personnel, out of 12, 11 are from Assam (Assamese persons) by wearing rain-coat/umbrella facilitated in flag hoisting function which was carried out by the President of the elected Association Sri T. Madhava Reddy assisted by Sri. Mahender Reddy, Vice President and          Dr. Vidya Sagar, Secretary of the Association. The Independence Day messages for the residents were not to come out from their respective villas unless it is required, wearing mask and maintaining social distancing. Another important event was distribution of prizes to the children for nurturing the plants. As time to time plantation programmes were taken up in the campus for keeping it ‘clean and green’ and to encourage children to sensitize and aware about utility of environment. Out of many children who participated in plantation programmes earlier, five were selected through lucky draw and organizers sent gifts to their respective villas. It may be mentioned here that planation programmes were successful because of the ladies particularly mother of the kids who enthusiastically encouraged them to participate. 

So, it is evident that the celebration has created many positive impacts among the residents (Dos and don’ts to counter COVID19) and children (awareness about environment).

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Dr. Shankar Chatterjee

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  1. Sir, wonderful Independence Day observation by a gated community in Hyderabad. True spirit of Independence was reflected in encouraging Students in social work and involving people from different walks of life in good work. Regards
    Dr Gautam Purkayastha
    Associate Prof, Margherita college, Assam

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  2. Sir
    Whenever I read anything about our Independence Day celebration, I am just overwhelmed.. The way all the freedom fighters had devoted their soul for our country inspires a teenager like me.. It brings forward the very powerful message of doing everything for the place where you have taken birth… Indeed Independence Day is an amazing celebrations where billions of Indians take part every year..
    Again, thank you for gifting me and other readers with your precious writings.
    Ms Dhriti Mukherjee
    Karimganj, Assam


  3. Congrats! Good background of Independence struggle under British rule. Also discription of gated community celebrations was perfect. 👍🏼👏🏻🙏🏼
    Dr Satish Chandra
    Former Professor n Head (CQT)
    NIRDPR, Hyderabad