Book Review: The Alchemist

Books are our best friends. Every book makes us learn something new which and gives us knowledge. The genre of the book doesn’t matter.

But the most loved genre of a book is fiction, because it takes a reader in a whole new dimension, a new world and let the reader feel the story of the book. It makes us so connected with the characters of the book that it feels like we are one of them.

Their are some books who are total fiction and aren’t possible in real life. Books like, Harry Potter are example of this. But few fictions have the stories which is actually possible in reality. One of those book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho who is a Brazilian author. Initially, the books was written in Portuguese but has been translated in around 70 languages.

The Alchemist is a story of a shepherd, Santiago, who leaves his flock and his land to pursue his dream. A boy who is on a journey of discovering his destiny and realising his dream of finding a treasure. This story tells us that the happiness, contentment, peace & joy of one’s life lies within his journey towards his dream of life.

While reading this novel , the reader enjoys the journey of Santiago and learns a lot of t hings which Santiago learns from his journey.

Most importantly, one learns the idea of living in present and investing all your strength and energy in your present is really helpful for a better future.

Overall, it is a fantastic book and the storytelling is beautiful. The choice of words are impeccable, full of wisdom and philosophy. The story is very enchanting and bursts with optimism which I think is very important in our lives. The book shows that the journey to your destiny is as important as the destiny itself. The way in which the book emphasizes on the importance of faith, hope and spirituality through the story of an ordinary boy is amazing. I think this book appeals to everyone because we all have dreams and sometimes we just want someone to tell us that they may come true. I can’t believe how one can write such beautiful words in his very first book. There are many quotes written inside the book which gives the reader the way to live the life. This exciting fiction novel deserves a space in everyone’s bookshelf.

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