In this Pandemic Post Services are back on track.

As in the country on 25th March 2020 lockdown was announced after that every thing stopped.There were no movement people,courier services,and even the retail market came to standstill.As we are moving ahead with phase wise unlocking and also unlocking different services again in the country in that major was courier and postal services that were the main agenda to start back and bring them on track.

Postal services is one of the most traditional means of delivery of couriers all around the country.In India there are almost 1,56,600 post offices divided under 23 postal circles.Some services that post offices do are remitting money by money orders,accepting deposits under small savings schemes,providing life insurance coverage under Postal Life Insurance and many other services.These services are majorly used by the people of villages in India.As there no private players in the village.The best of post offices are located at every corner of the country whether its a hill station or the low lying area.But in recent times mail services has seen decline in 2009 it was 645 crore,then it came down 608 crore in 2014 and in last year it was 576 crore.

In this lockdown as post services are back the employees working in post offices are now delivering medicines,PPE kit,insurance,and govt papers to the people who are far enough.If we take an example of staff of UP where the crossed the Saryu River to reach the two Ayodhya Villages because people of village had run out of cash and could not go to the bank.So the postman in this case withdrew the money and delivered to them.They also carried biometric devices to record transactions on Aadhar link accounts.They have provided around Rs 967 crore to 53 lakh people in UP.

In many other states they also disburse pension to different beneficiaries.In Uttarakhand the postal services department are working on their own project of setting delivery settlement of ayurvedic medicines.They have also tied up with e-commerce sites for delivery of the orders placed online.So,in this case the postal services has became an savior in this tough period for the people of villages because in villages the ATMs were without money,no mail services was there.So it has came an untimely savior.

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