Air Bubble:A New Normal for countries to connect ?

In the period of lockdown due to this pandemic International Travel was completely stopped.As due to International travellers, the pandemic resided in every country and what has happened after that every one knows.In the phase of lockdown every flight brand all around the world had come to standstill.Due to which they had to suffer huge losses,they also remove their employees from their respective job roles for the cost cutting scenario.

As we are slowly and steadily opening the International flights every government in their respective countries have come up with a new negotiation called “Air Bubble”.It means that airlines from both the countries can operate their flights with some restrictions.This is specifically done for the covid-19 period as because regular International Flights are at halt.As the countries have accepted and started allowing with limited restrictions so we can accept that in coming years there will be more such agreements so that the connectivity never halts whether anykind of problem the world phases.

In India this process was started in the month of July in which the agreements with the countries like US,UK,France,Germany,UAE,Qatar and recently Maldives has also accepted the agreements and flights are running as per the guidelines given by their respective governments.By taking the efforts ahead in this agreement India is negotiating with other 13 countries such as Australia,Italy,Japan,New Zealand,Nigeria,Bahrain,Israel,Kenya,Philippines,Russia,Singapore,South Korea & Thailand.It is mainly because to reach out the Indians who are left in different countries can safely return to their loved ones.

By bringing such agreements on every sector we can see that economy will revive and as the revival process is going on they can formulate new policies so that economy will be boosted and people will get jobs as per their required field,there will be proper unlocking of education system and every infrastructure will not be just standing like tall but it will have the use for which it has been formed.

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