Meditation is an very effective exercise which help you to make your mind healthy and fresh. Everyone has a different technique of doing meditation. It does not require knowledge of skill and training. There are no rules for doing meditation, you can do meditation according to your preference. It had originated from Buddhist teachings.

Meditation can be done in starting of the day/ early morning or at the end of night. Meditation can be done while keeping your back straight or just by lying down. It is fine if you fall asleep. Meditation do not require to go blank with your thoughts.

Important things to keep in mind while doing meditation-

i) focus on your breath. keep track of your exhale or inhale process

ii) feel your body parts, the eyes, hands, pumping of heart, motion of lungs, etc.

iii) start meditation on thinking things you are grateful for.

iv) if you feel difficulty in concentrating choose a mantra for yourself example- OM

v) focus on personal fulfillment.

vi) think about what inspires you the most.

vii) feel the essence of nature.

BENEFITS- Meditation help to heal you from internal pain and sorrows.

It help to maintain a sleep cycle,and ideal routine of your day.

It help to deal with depression and anxiety, Delete psychosomatic disorders caused by tension.

It lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. It slows the aging process.

It helps to be more tolerant and sensitive. It help to control anger and stress.

Meditation is the art of focusing your attention on a single point is hard work, and you must be committed intentionally!

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