“Cricket is a Socio Economic Disaster in South Asia and Commonweal Countries: A Study on Manmade Disaster”: A Book of Different Flavour

 Recently I have the opportunity to read an interesting book as mentioned in the title. The book is written By Dr Manik Kar, a Geo-morphologist and retired from Nowgong College as Head of the Department of Geography, Assam. It has been published by Global Publishing House (India), Vishakhapatnam. The essence of the book is that British by introducing and popularising ‘Cricket’ dominated in South Asia and Commonweal Countries which facts and figures have presented in ten different chapters as well as with rich references.

  The first is the introductory chapter where Cricket as a Socio Economic Disaster in South Asia and Commonweal Countries has been discussed. In the second chapter under the title of

‘Cricket is a Sport which is Detrimental for The Nation’; the author has highlighted hidden agenda of playing Cricket and according to the author, the British introduced cricket with the motive of keeping natives as steadfast. In the third chapter, ‘Past History of Cricket: The Birth and the Journey through Centuries’, the author, with his analysis and documents, has revealed that the first publish reference of Cricket was in the late 1600s century. In the fourth chapter the author has evaluated other sports like hockey, tennis, table tennis, baseball, sumo wrestling etc., and has come to the conclusion that these sports are better than ‘Cricket’. In the fifth chapter, author with evidences has presented because of the British rule, Zimbabwe has been facing many issues which prior to British Raj had egalitarian society. In the sixth chapter, by refereeing Norman Bury’s article the author in nutshell has highlighted whether Cricket is a gentleman’s game? Similarly in chapter seven, by referring Ehsan Masood’s article, the author has presented an overview of the Global Politics of Cricket. In Chapter eight, the author by referring from secondary sources, has presented some facts about the Politics of Cricket. In chapter nine, countries with their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Per Capita Income (based on Purchasing Power Parity/PPP) has presented how Cricket has been spoiling the economy. So he feels albeit Cricket is popular in India but at the same time, lot of time is wasted and thus GDP is affected.

Lastly, in the context of the book many references, around 50, have been included, which is really praiseworthy.  

  By quoting the author, it may be mentioned that as far as “cricket is concerned, it is spread over the commonwealth countries where the British ruled their natives in the name of making them “gentlemen” from their so-called uncivilized state. But at that time the hidden agenda was to exploit the natives or Commonwealth countries in the name of making them “Gentle man” through a game called “Cricket”. This game in reality ruined the nations in their total development. If not what civilization we are learning from this game as they introduced it in commonwealth and South Asian countries,   is it the work of a civilized person that is match fixing for money, dancing of ladies in front of minors, old people, and others ?Is it our culture that players will spent their time in hotel with other lady”?  Further, the author has appealed to the then Hon’ble President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam ji to introduce the games football and hockey, which takes only 90 to 120 minutes. In this context, the author has presented 20 points for kind consideration of then President mentioning how ‘Cricket’ has been spoiling the economy of India.  

Finally, the author has concluded with data that in the world football and cricket playing countries altogether were 84 percent against the cricket playing country only 16 percent as per 2016.

Dr. Shankar Chatterjee

Former Professor& Head (CPME)

NIRD &PR (Govt. of India),

Hyderabad-500 030

Telangana, India

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  1. Sir good morning
    Your review on the book is very admirable. It is my view that in the obscuration of cricket other games are neglected and become second grade. Cricket has become a betting and money spinning game for a few. You have rightly pointed that football and other games should be encouraged
    Mr T. Sanjeev Reddy