How Gram Panchayats in India kept Covid out of Villages

In the tough period of this pandemic everyone were at stake and worried how everything will fall into place,when we will be back to our normal with new mindset.At present as every state government has planned for unlocking different sectors according to reviewing the condition and focusing to start again all the activities again in major cities and places of great strength.In this case,we have our Gram Panchayats of village who are the source of inspiration that how effectively they have managed to kept this Covid-19 out of their respective villages.

In India around two-third of people stay in villages and coronavirus creating a havoc all the health workers and sarpanches have tried to kept this virus out of the village.There are many examples of such workers and sarpanches in that few are very aspiring and also giving motivation to others how they can also control this virus.Varsha Nikam of Mankapur Village,Maharashtra is a sarpanch and goes on day to day mission at door step of every house to train people how to maintain social distancing,tells them how important is to wear mask.She has also kept in mind as in this lockdown period there was a channel of fake news going on social media which at times have created a chaos in the people so she has formed one whatsapp group in which there are police patil,gram sevak,health workers and other important people so that there is proper imformation is passed on to village members.

If we talk about this workers there are almost 2,60,000 workers from different gram panchayats working as a foot soldier in their respective villages.Another example is of Manisha Dattatreya a civilian police patil or representative from Kolhapur,Maharashtra.She helps in setting up quarantine facilities for villagers who have returned from cities.She has became the go-to go person of her village as for arranging food,coordinating with medical staff and many other areas she is working tirelessly for village people.In Jharkhand,healthcare workers carry out awareness campaign and are distributing ration kits to all the village people.

In the villages Asha(Accredited Social and Health Activist) Workers have also been deployed by the governments.They are also working tirelessly at the village level.In this recent times government has increased their remuneration from Rs 1000 to Rs 3000.Asha workers are the trained female community health activists as there are 9 lakh Asha workers in 33 states across India.In Odisha, sarpanches were given the “collector power” to tackle this covid situation.As the state of Odisha was the first state to declare Covid-19 a state disaster.

So it is clear that gram panchayats and the villages have showed that how to control this virus through awareness and being active in the areas where only the government messages are reaching not their frontline workers.The pandemic has shown the strength and the importance of villages and their sarpanches who have handled this situation diligently.

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