No Big Discounts This Festive Season

Over the past few months from the period of lockdown not a single mall,retail shops were open.Due to which there was no demand and supply of any particular goods.As in the phased manner the malls and retail shop owner were given permission to get back on to their work.But the trend of buying has already come down of the people due to the financial crisis that they have faced.Many have lost jobs or many were sent on unpaid leaves for time being.

In the upcoming festive season that has started from Raksha Bandhan it has been noted that the season end sale was not there as it used to be previously.Malls have just started their operation and many have not given discounts to the customers and even many online selling sites have not put up their discount hoardings.The reason behind not putting discounts for malls and retail outlets is the fear of Covid-19.This is all applied in the case of apparels and electronic items offline.

The company heads are saying that these trend will definitely be followed as the festive season continues.Less discounts are given because either they have limited stock mostly what remained unsold before the lockdown.If we talk about particular categories like television,discounts that have been given are lowest in 5 years.This is due to shortage of production and supplies.Many retailers are witnessing around 30 to 50% of their average pre-pandemic sales,it has been noted that people are buying only particular thing what is needed.

If we talk about Flipkart and Amazon they did not replied to the comments which were seeking discounts.They said that discounts have already came down.The period from Onam to Diwali account more than 40 to 50% of the electronic sale for most of the companies.It is being noted that demand could exceed supply in the coming months.So this festive season and specially on Diwali we will not be able to see the tagline of “Diwali Khushiyonwali”.Lets hope for the best this festive season.

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