It is being about more than 4 months of staying indoors and following social distancing. Gradually many business had started to adapted the work from home strategy and many had started to operate on precautions basis, but one major sector of economic as well as social growth which we are neglecting is the education sector. Schools and universities are closed since a long time and online classes is not comfortable enough with teachers as well as students. The concept of online learning is not much success for the areas lacking internet facilities and much high technological devices.

The lockdown has aggravated deep-set class and social differences, especially between private and public school systems. The Indian government spends 4.6 percent of its GDP on education. This is lower than in sub-Saharan countries like Kenya, Togo, and Zimbabwe.

According to a report from India today, The education sector is facing unprecedented challenges and needs to adapt and find solutions to keep children motivated and in their route to learning. NCERT is planning to issue guidelines regarding alternatives needed to carry out the purpose of teaching smoothly.

According to the World Bank, only half of India’s teachers are actually teaching on any given day because of sky-high teacher absence rates. When a large number of teachers don’t even teach when schools are open, it’s hard to imagine a better outcome when schools are under lockdown.

Amidst the situation of health and education there is much to be done in terms for securing a good future for the youth of the country. Providing the results for their hard-work is necessary for government to think upon. The COVID-19 epidemic is hitting everyone hard. But schools, which have always been placed for real-life, physical interaction, have been among the hardest hit. As hundreds of millions of students around the world struggle to study at home, it remains to be seen how educators and the sector on a whole will deal with the new learn-at-home reality.

every student is facing a problem of working in a direction whose path and destination both are unknown, which is a serious danger on the education spirit of our country.

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