Spinach As Heart.

Vegetables are good for health, but now there’s a whole new mat that one veggie could help our heart. Spanich can be used as a scaffold for beating human heart cell, a new study finds.

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea), a leafy vegetable which is rich in vitamin K and other nutritions. It acts as anti cancer agent, which is also necessary for blood clotting and for mantainance of bone, suitable for anaemia, helps in low fat diets.

Our relation with world of plant may soon be a lot more interwined that any of us could have imagined. Researchers found that spinach is not just good fit our heart but it can be our heart. While researchers have found success using technology such as 3D printing to build more substantial part of human heart. They had a cimparatively harder time for reconstruction of tiny blood vessels that heart tissue needs to function. They thought that Spinach may help to solve the problem.

They did this by perfusing spinach leaves with a detergent solution, which stripped them with their plant cells. The proof of concept study suggest that multiple spinach leaves could be used to grow layers of healthy heart muscle that could one day be used to treat heart attack patients. The researchers said that “we have lot of work to do, but so far this is so promising”. Glenn Gaudette, the study’s senior researcher and a Profession of Biomedical Engineering at the Worcester, Massachusetts said in a statement ‘adapting abundant plants that farmers have been cultivating for thousands of years for use in tissue engineering could solve a host of problems limiting the field.

“In addition, the researchers said they think they could deliver blood and oxygen to developing tissue by pouring fluids through the spinach leaves veins”. “When I looked at the spinach leaf, it’s stem reminded me of an aorta” said Joshna Gershalk, a graduate student of biomedical engineering at WPI and the study’s lead researchers. “So I thought, let’s perfuse right through the stem”.

Spinach leaves make a good scaffold because once the plants cell are washed away a cellulose structure remains, the researchers said.

“Cellulose is a biocompitable and has been used in a wide variety of regenerative medicine applications, such as cartilage tissue engineering, bone tissue engineering and wound healing,” the researchers wrote in the study. In addition to spinach leaves also removed plant cells from parsley. Artemesia annua (sweet wormwood) and peanut hairy roots. Scaffolds from these plants, and perhaps others could be helpful for other types of specialized tissue regeneration, they said.

Although spinach leaves have many veins, making them a well-suited scaffold for heart tissue, other plans show promise for other medical uses. Namely the “Cylindrical, hallow structure of the stem” of jewelseed plant could be used as a graft fur any artery, they said. In addition wood from trees “might be useful I bone engineering”, due in parts to its strength, they wrote.

Thus plants as these not only good for our health, but also they provide many economic and environmental advantage to the field of biomedical. Plants are easy to grow and are eco-friendly.

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