Coronavirus: Pandals go online in Ganesh festival.

Due to the coronovirus and the the lockdown this year the most popular festival of Maharashtra has lost its charm. Pandals which were seen in every street were now went missing. The Ganesh sculpture industry go through a huge loss. The excitement and thrill of the festival had gone down. Many families had lost the chance to visit in special aartis and dancing in welcome song of lord Ganesha. The silence this time had made many vendors and shopkeepers suffer the hardest.

The GSB Ganpati Mandal at Kings Circle in Mumbai went live on various social media platforms to avoid crowding of devotees at the pandal. “Since the immersion in lakes will not be possible during Covid, the municipal corporation has sanctioned the construction of 250 to 300 artificial water tanks this year,” said Dahibawkar. Most of the tanks will be built at the level of individual neighbourhoods. “I have appealed to many civic corporators to get tanks built in their own areas, but in many places, individual pandals themselves have offered to make their own tanks.”

The enthusiasm of making modaks to distributing them in public is not seen this time. Many hoseholds had done the establishment and havan of lord Ganesha via online astrologers speech. People claims idol-makers have also been struggling to get space to set up their temporary workshops. Normally the city authorities give us space in a maidan or ground to set up our workshop, but this year they still haven’t allowed us such space.

Many bollywood celebs had not broken their ritual of celebrating the festival and this time too had done every arrangements to meet ‘BABPA’. May be this year was not as good as previous one but the devotion and love of people towards our God is unbeatable and appreciative. We all could just hope and pray for better days in near future.

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