How Common Eligibility Test will be conducted.

As in recent meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji,the central government approved the setting up of National Recruitment Agency(NRA) for a cost of Rs 1517.57 Crore.The aim of this test is reduce the load for the students in saving time and many other resources.This test is mainly taken for the post which are non-gazetted and public sector banks.

If this test is implemented than it will be one of the largest recruitment examination for government jobs all around the globe.At present,railway attracts most number of application for jobs around 15 million which is highest in the world.In a statement,cabinet said,that if these test will be implemented than the candidate would not be require to give different tests for different examination conducted by many agencies.They will have to give only one online test and they can apply to all or any particular field.

Non-gazetted posts are those posts in which who are recruited they dont have right to use the government stamp for official purposes.Some include Grade B or Class II roles as government offices,assistant section officers,senior pharmacists,head clerk etc.Till now the government has not decided how the CET would be applicable for different jobs.The individual department and ministries will decide will decide modes of recruitment and interviews.

The exam will be held twice a year.It will be for different levels such as for graduate level,12th pass and 10th pass to facilitate recruitment at various levels.It will be held in around 1000 centres across India so that the rural people will also get equal opportunity.So it means that every district would have centre and there will be 117 centres set up in 117 districts.The best part of it is that,exam will be conducted in 12 languages as before it used to be conducted in English and Hindi.Once the exam is over the score are valid for 3 years.So for the aspirants it is great opportunity open for 3 years.

As the government will be conducting such exam on a large scale so there will be many challenges for them to address such as the application that would be around 25 million and there are 739 districts so as many centres.Some districts are bigger so there are possibilities that there will more than one centre.As one of the important issue is that it is online exam and there would be requirement of strong technological partner so that there are no glitches throughout the conduct of the exam.

Benefits for the students is that now,if students wants to apply for Staff Selection Commission,Institute of Banking Personnel selection for thousands of different jobs and paying a few hundred rupees as fees each time.The government itself is Rs 600 crore by having a single CET.As the way forward the first test is going to be held by second half of 2021.The government will engage with various state government to look at the ground level preparation.

We hope that this brings great positive and vibrant India by giving ennumber of jobs to the desired students.

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