The happenings this year had made everyone realize that life is not as easy as it seems. Whether we talk about physical or mental health or the patience required to deal with certain stuff.

One such issue which had gained importance these days is the life of persons connected to the film industry. It had gained a name of just a glamour industry and nothing else. The death of Sushant Singh Rajput had left everyone speechless, people are questioning the cause, talking about curing depression, ill effects of having money and being popular, and much more. The CBI is coming with whole new shreds of evidence that had made the matter more grave. Now the suicide is being claimed into murder, the question which each parent and youngster planning to come into this industry is facing is that Is this industry safe for their child or for them? Is the motive of life is just earning money? Is there is something more than nepotism and jealously?  Is this industry a career-oriented one? Is it just the good side which we see and there are secrets hidden from everyone?

This lead to deeper thinking in terms of people choosing passion in form of their career, did this industry do justice to them? There are many more questions which we ask ourselves every day. The reason we do not know the real struggle of some celebs is because it is never made public.

The incident rose many insecurities among people related to this industry, it has somehow exposed the reality of their life which is dark. To be popular and get into the eyes of the public they are doing every effort without realizing the fact that they had gone far and is wrong. Nobody nowadays is clean, you never get to know when your success and achievements become a stone in other paths and this is proved by this industry. But not everyone supports the negative cause, people have the right to raise their voice which in this case is beautifully portraited.

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