Charotar in Gujarat gets patented for ginger,turmeric.

In the period of this pandemic which is going on only solution for curing this virus at some extent was in traditional methods such as use of turmeric,Cloves,Black pepper and many other ayurvedic solutions to increase the immunity of the people so that they are less affected due to it and they have strength to fight the virus.In this period there comes a great news from Gujarat that they have secured entire village in which the products like turmeric and ginger is produced.

Charotar the lush green belt of Gujarat which is very famous for its village Boriavi where farmers are used to produce ginger and turmeric.Charotar tract is very fertile and well tilled soil.Even the language which spoken in this district or region is called Charotri.The land is fertile and green with vegetation and so it pleases the eye and is called charotar.

The farmers have Boriavi village situated in the region of Charotar have finally registered their turmeric and ginger under the name of their village.For the village and India is mark of respect that after so many years the entire village products are patented,so in this case the plan for Atmanirbhar has already with such people started taking efforts and making our nation proud.There are ennumber of varieties of ginger and turmeric are registered.

In this village Ginger and Turmeric are export quality where six tonnes US and Europe.They have Protection of “Plant Varieties and Farmers” Rights Authority,Government of India.Under the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Act which introduced intellectual property protection in Indian Agriculture.This has been possible support of Anand Agricultural University.As they have been recognised since then they are trying to promote their brand Boriavi turmeric which are having long shelf life.

So in this case that India is progressing with great intensity and developing their own products.If we can promote our products foreign than it will be great and we will lead in a different way for the future.

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