Face masks now a fashion statement.

COVID-19 had changed everyone’s life altogether whether it is living a comfortable life at own’s residence or to change the fashion style from formal to casual. it had also led to develop some new habits and and improving lifestyle through yoga and exercise completely. If we inspect; the most essential thing these days is wearing a face mask, people had gone all way innovative in making their mask look fashionable and it is gradually becoming a new trend.

“Whether they’re printed or woven, denim or cotton, masks with a creative, handmade touch are trending. Many young women are opting for contrast styled masks. Nobody wants to overlook sustainable fashion at this time of crisis,” says Vikash Pacheriwal, co-founder, RAISIN A BRAND by Parvati Fabrics Limited, adding “Washable cotton masks are selling like hot cakes.”

Thinking about the similar line, marriages to are held with the bride and groom wearing mask similar to their dress code. Within few weeks a new fashion had emerged all across the globe. Designers say that, while quite a few of us have invested in making designer masks, the focus hasn’t just been on churning out attractive patterns that stand out, but rather on protective capabilities.Clearly, the designer face mask aren’t going away any time soon, though, so choose wisely. Surgical, N95 and N99 masks are all different, but most wearers don’t adjust them well enough for them to be effective.

Varieties of designs, color and pattern masks are seen all around this makes to add some flavors in life in this tough time. Face mask provide a new survival at the same time a new look!

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