Hybrids schedule for schools

Looking at the current situation it seems difficult that schools and colleges will reopen. Unlock 4 will start from next month September. But according to a report by a medical magazine schools may reopen with a hybrid schedule. Hybrid schedule means few students will take classes online and the rest will attend school. This may prove to be a good decision as not every student has access to online classes. this will make sure that students who don’t have access to online classes are not left behind in following the syllabus. According to a survey published in Indian Journal of Youth and Adolescence Health schools have reopened following the hybrid schedule in countries like Denmark and Germany. The same model can be applied in India as well. In this classes can be divided into small groups of students, is group can be called to school one after the other each week. Classes can continue in online-offline mode together. This way every student can get a chance to come to school. As for the journal due to lock down not every student is able to access same kind of education which is affecting students. This is the reason why shutting down schools for a long time will not be a good option.

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