What has been your experience with Early Stage Careers?
In a word, extraordinary. The week that jobless claims surged by 3.28
million, the largest weekly increase in history, it seemed like business as
usual for the Early Stage Careers team. Of course, you acknowledged that
COVID-19 would hold significant implications, but, your message was
delivered in the context of positive steps prospective employees should
take now.
I believe the forward momentum you created in my son’s search process,
throughout this economic downturn, has made a tremendous difference in
his outlook. Not simply in regard to his future employment prospects, but
also, and perhaps more importantly, in his day-to-day outlook.

What were some of the services Early Stage Careers delivered?
College teaches us how to learn and it allows us to identify areas of
interest. But, most kids don’t seem to graduate with a clear path forward.
Many young people don’t even know how to begin thinking about a career.
The question looms so large some of them feel overwhelmed.
Early Stage Careers began by interrupting my son’s inaction. It helped him
identify potential career directions based on his unique set of skills and
interests. After that essential first step, followed by resumé preparation and
interview coaching, you directed him to a series of highly useful continuous
education resources. Those classes, which are served up in digestible
modules, are viewed favorably by prospective employers. My son feels like
he’s acquiring skills he’ll be able to apply day one on the job. Each step in
the Early Stage Careers process has instilled in him confidence and a
sense of possibility.
What has the process of working remotely with Early Stage Careers
been like?
I have an interesting perspective on this because we began working with
your team before the pandemic and we continue to do so now that the
Country is largely shut down. New Yorkers do not shy away from major
challenges. Governor Cuomo is a daily example of the candor and
commitment it takes to move forward positively and effectively. I feel the
Early Stage Careers team exemplifies that same grit.
You initiated important conversations as the COVID crisis unfolded.
Embedded in those conversations were two important elements that have
gone a long way. You communicated with an authentic sense of possibility
and you assigned actions steps that focused my son’s attention, making
him accountable for his outcomes. Interview preparation, research into
companies and industries, and even some business writing were among
the steps you recommended. All of this was seamlessly executed on a
remote basis.
The Early Stage Careers team circled around my son when he needed it
most. You delivered tailored advice. Most importantly, your belief in my

son’s employment prospects never wavered despite deteriorating
conditions in New York during this health crisis.

What outcomes can you report?
Miraculously, my son has received responses to his online job applications
during the COVID crisis. Lesley, Jill and the Early Stage Careers team
circled the wagons to help him prepare for phone interviews. They helped
him discover the silver lining in himself and our collective ability to work
together in troubled times. I am grateful, and, frankly, deeply moved by
what I’ve witnessed.

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