During the COVID 19 pandemic, Early Stage Careers strongly encourages
clients to find ways to contribute time and talent to organizations that need
help. Volunteerism provides an avenue to make a real, positive impact in a
time of crisis. It’s also a way to be productive, expand your horizons and
network, and apply your skills to tangible projects. These developmental
experiences will help you as you pursue future opportunities in the work
Framework for Identifying Opportunities

  1. Search for Possibilities

Research what is available in your area or virtually, patterning after
the ideas offered below. To gather ideas, ask family members which
organizations or causes they volunteer with or donate to.

  1. Evaluate Opportunities and Organizations
    Before reaching out, consider the reputation and scope of the
    organizations’ work. Does it fit with your values and interests? Will it
    be easy to work virtually? Can you contribute while still practicing
    social distancing? If their doors are closed now, do they need skill
    based, behind the scenes, help preparing for the restoration of their
  2. Offer Your Time and Talent
    Create a short note introducing yourself, sharing a few of your
    relevant skills along with how many hours you have available. Reach
    out to targeted organizations first. Also, consider contacting local
    religious or neighborhood groups, your town council, and
    well-established groups such as the Lions Club, The Rotary,
    Community Foundations, or the director of your public library – many
    libraries are still operating virtually.

Skills to Offer an Organization or Individual
● Digitization Work: Help an organization digitize their training
materials, creating online content or videos
● Environmental Projects: Bird Counts, Beach Conservation, and
Litter Pick Up Projects are outdoor efforts you can undertake while
social distancing
● Fundraisers: Do project planning and design collateral materials for
future use
● Pen Pal Program: Write to members of the Armed Services, the
elderly, or the incarcerated
● Tutoring: Offer video support to parents who unexpectedly need to
homeschool their children
● Volunteer Later: Train now for future service by learning about the
mission of an organization.

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