These unprecedented times mean immediate changes for everyone – be it
separation from family, friends, peers, professors, roommates, collegiate
infrastructure, and work colleagues; or getting used to living and working
under one roof with family and/or roommates.
While the health issues presented by the pandemic are of the utmost
concern, the massive projected impact on the economy may be the worst
many of us may have lived through in terms of uncertainty and
employment. This will be particularly challenging for the generation of
young people attempting to enter and/or successfully weather the current
job market.
Early Stage Careers’ roots are in the recession of 2009, when we saw
the need to help emerging young professionals who could not navigate that
unchartered territory. Due to the realities posed by the recession, these
young job-seekers were competing with more experienced alumni, and
many did not know how to go about a successful job search. Seeing this
need, we built a strong, successful company to fulfill our mission: helping
early careerists develop as candidates and get hired into meaningful jobs
and internships to launch their careers. We have firsthand understanding of
how to navigate these challenges, as our collective team of esteemed,
seasoned coaches have experienced and survived tough economic
downturns in corporate America at Fortune 500 companies and
organizations servicing them.
With our mission in mind, we are continuously, thoughtfully evaluating how
this unprecedented situation might impact young job seekers. We are
currently supporting all of our clients and services virtually,
particularly emphasizing these areas:
● Companies are turning to remote hiring practices:
We are emphasizing candidate’s digital branding (including online
presence and interactions) and prioritizing virtual interview and
meeting skills.
● Remote working environments demand unique We are building further
skill development into our services, continuing to
emphasize technology.

● Early Careerists are overwhelmed by the current hiring landscape:
We are offering compartmentalized parts of some of our programs to
prepare for hiring in stages.
● Competitive job marketplaces demand more qualified applicants:
We are working more closely with, and integrating further,
our assessment programs to target optimal opportunities that align
with client skills and employer needs.
● Employers are reexamining their hiring practices in light of the
global crisis:
Early Stage Careers’ senior team members have extensive HR
experience and relationships with corporate employers. Our team is
proactively reaching out to understand if and how they are altering
their current approach to hiring early careerists.
● Many early careerists don’t understand how to execute a
successful job search:
Our company provide job and internship seekers with tools they need.
our continued support, as we help our young and/or emerging
professionals forge forward in these trying times. Our goal is to continue to
position our clients with the best chances to succeed in this environment.

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