Rules for opening Delhi Metro

Metro is ready to open in September under Unlock-4. But it can create some problems for the commuters as many rules and regulations have been imposed given Covid-19 situation. Not everyone will be given entry into the metro station. The number of entries will depend on the number of people inside the station at that moment. To avoid crowds at interchange stations it has been decided that only 50% of the entry and exit gates will be opened. The station controller will have the responsibility to control the crowd present at the platform. The station controller will co-ordinate along with CISF team present at the entry will decide whether or not to close the entry gates in case of many people arriving at the same time. The metro administration has located around 13 metro stations like Kashmiri gate, Huda City Centre, Rajiv chowk, Mandi House where there is possibility of huge crowds. Currently in the interchange stations will only use one route to go from one line to another. For this metro is preparing different routes.

Along with these a Metro will wait for a longer duration at each metro station. This will result in longer time to reach one’s destination. Generally a Metro stops for 15 to 20 seconds at Metro station but now it well wait for 40 to 50 seconds. Also each coach will be allowed to carry only 20 passengers at a time.

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