Delhi Government Schools Admission

The long-pending registration for admission of students whose parents want them transferred from private to government schools opens on Thursday, albeit only online.

This process of ‘non-plan’ admission — or admission apart from transfer from feeder schools — usually begins in April every year. The process for classes VI to IX, which begins on Thursday, will extend until September 8. An education department official said that sorting out the process contributed to the delay.

“We are doing the application process online this year to prevent crowding at schools and so that the form can be filled even by families which are not in Delhi now… We also had to make sure that the online process was simple enough so that it can be done without any kind of support,” said the official.

The financial strain of the lockdown has led to several families waiting for admissions at government schools to open, since they can’t afford private school education for their children.

Help desks will be available at schools to assist parents in filling online forms, and a helpline has also been made available. After they are allotted a school, the applicants will have to report there with documents for verification.

Education department officials said the circular for admission of students in older classes will follow soon.

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