Motivation-how to find that in life

Many of must have felt lack of motivation in some or other point in life,we humans need some sort of motivation to achieve our goals in life, and if goals are pretty hard to achieve we need to put extra effort along with motivation,but most of us lack in motivation.We humans have the tendency when we first think of goals we are full of motivation and energy but with time we lost the motivation and don’t feel like to continue to work in order to achieve our goals.

So how we must feel motivated all the time.The very basic thing we need to understand is that “Nothing comes for free”.In order to achieve something in life we need put our 100% and for feeling motivated all the time we need to understand how our brain works, human brains are responsible for the functioning of body, for making important decision.Our mind is like an Horse which desires for fun thing is actually lazy don’t want to do anything.

So the idea here is to train our brain to focus on important things such as goal do not let your mind control you rather than u must control it.For training our brain in right direction.The very first thing you need to do is Talk to yourself i know this sounds little silly but this is important start talking to yourself. Talk about the problems you are having in life and about fulfilling some sort of goal.If you will talk your brain will start thinking about it and will work to find the solution’s.Secondly Think about the consequences if you wont be able to fulfill the goal.Suppose your goal is to get a job then think about the if you will not get it,some sort of fear is necessary for felling motivated.Read or watch about successful people take inspiration for them. If you get fail at some point of life do not loose hope instead take it as some form of motivation try to understand why you failed fix it and again try. Make a schedule of constantly working on things which are important and in some time it will become your habit Your mind will be trained to focus on important thing rather than wasting time.

More or less motivation will only come when you will think about achieving your goals keeping all kind of excuses aside and working for it.Deep inside we all know if one is intended to achieve something he/she will naturally feel motivated.There is shortcut in life if you intend to do something just do it whether you feel motivated or not just start doing it in sometime it will become interesting.

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