Highlights of Mann Ki Baat by PM Modi.

When PM Modiji was elected the Prime Minister for the first time in the year 2014 from that year in the month of October first episode of Mann ki Baat was held and till now our PM has done almost 68 talks through the radio programme.Mann ki Baat means Inner Thoughts which he started to connect with the audience and to share his thoughts on different things which happens in the country.This happens at the end of every month.

In todays Mann Ki Baat session held by PM Modiji he mostly focused on vocal for local,also explained the importance of Indian apps gaining importance,we will see some apps their work in detail.As the September month is witnessed as Nutrition month,so he highlighted some important points for that too.PM also spoke about the Made in India toys by taking into consideration for becoming Atmanirbhar and many other such topics like environment,festivals.

Atmanirbhar Innovation Challenge,which was launched by our PM on July 4th.In which 24 mobile apps were winners of the challenge.From these 24 apps PM took some name of the apps like Koo which is said to be the new Twitter in coming times,he also took the names of app like Zoho,Chingari which are gaining name and the fame for their respective roles.For this he also said about the importance of virtual games which has gained new popularity in recent times.

PM Modiji also said it is very important to build the toy sector in India.This is because India being the largest population country we just manufactures around 0.5% of the global toy market.It is really sad to see that despite being developing country we are lacking in some of the sectors.But it is assumed that in coming time India will definitely lead in this sector too.As PM took some name of toy manufacturing units such as “Channapatna in Ramnagram(Karnataka),Kondappli in Krishna(Andhra Pradesh),Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu,Dhubri in Assam,Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh there are many such places that we can count”.

In his talk he applauded the teachers for taking such great efforts in this lockdown and making student learn through different tricks despite everything being online.As September month is going to be celebrated as nutrition month he spoke that every person should have ample amount of nutrition so that he/she can do great work,be healthy and should take care of themselves.He also praised the efforts of the dog squad in the disaster management and also promoted to make your pets of Indian breed by considering the important point of atmanirbhar bharat.He also talked about one of the most beautiful festival of India Onam which is currently going on and also said there are many festivals which are related to the environment which brings great freshness to the society.

So in this was today’s Mann Ki Baat was held and many positive points were said by the PM.It is great to listen from him such things and it is proud moment for every citizen that India is progressing at a great speed and giving ample of opportunities to the young talent.So that the talent which we have does not get wasted.”Iss Naye Bharat Ki Nayi Pehchan“.

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