An Anonymous Feeling

Yes it’s a weird topic but according to today’s situation we need to discuss this feeling ,the feeling of Being alone in a room full of people,feeling of not being loved,feeling of getting ignored,feeling of being stupid about things ..but do we really need these feelings? And if by any chance the answer is “YES” then do we need to commit suicide or not giving chance to us for one last time? Do we really need to do that?

Yes ..i am talking about the person who was too good for the world …”sushant singh rajput”…suicide of sushant took us in shock …personally i was numb …like what the hell was he feeling the it was easy for him to take his life than to live…that what on earth was hurting him so hard that he took this decision.

Yes if anyone of you feel like this or anything that is hurting you so much and having these anonymous feeling then for god sake please think of your parents ,family, friends and don’t commit anything that would leave your loved ones in grief….and yes as we all know it’s easy to take a life but it’s tough to live one….so you should be that much stronger to lead a happy life

And last but not the least …you should atleast try one last time … talk to people around you and share what you feel..I’m sure they would understand…and if one does not then go to next because we are living in a place full of people…so try and never lose hope.

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